I don’t get to see my mum as often as I'd like...

I don’t get to see my mum as often as I'd like but I am fortunate and grateful that she is still around. I can call her whenever I want and she is always there. Although it is hard to admit, I think I take that for granted. I do have a few very close girlfriends who have lost their mums at a young age and I couldn’t imagine not having that love and support a phone call away. Especially since having my children.

A few years back I was approached by a wonderful woman and mother, Leigh Van Der Horst to contribute to her book ‘Without My Mum’. Leigh lost her beloved mother to ancer in 2008 and at the same time was dealing with being a new mum without her own mum to share wisdom and support. At a time where she felt helpless and alone struggling with grief, she felt the need to write and in turn helped motherless mothers all around the world, including herself.

Along with the likes of Rebecca Judd, Megan Gale, Jools Oliver and Lisa Wilkinson, I felt compelled and honoured to contribute even in a small way.

After many knockbacks from publishers everywhere, Leigh Invested thousands of her own savings to see the book come to light and to honour mothers all around the world including her own.

‘Without My Mum’ is raw and real, comforting and inspiring.

It’s such a special book, and I urge you to check it out. It reminds me how important my mum is and even those times when we drive each other crazy I feel very lucky.

For those who have lost their mum and are forging ahead as a mum on their own this is a truly must have book.



Verity Harris