Borrow My Balmain

You know when you have an event and you have NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!
I know my husband would disagree because he thinks I have plenty to wear and maybe he is right! But anyhoo, when I am attending an event and know I will be photographed the thought of buying something and only being able to wear it once or maybe even twice is frustrating. I have in the past spent way too much money, I'm taking in the thousands for a designer dress! Crazy i know. But since having kids, I can't quite stomach that. So when I was told about the whole hire a dress thing, I was in. I came across 'Borrow my Balmain' on instagram which is a high end luxury rental platform. Think, Gucci, Valentino, Dior, you name it. I wore a super hot Balmain dress as seen below and more recently a Gucci dress straight off the runway!

It's so great when you want to wear something that extra bit special. I totally recommend it.

Borrow my Balmain

Verity Harris