Red Carpet Ready


We all know what it is like when we have that all important event coming up.
So much goes into prepping for the big day. And I for one am no exception. Each year hundreds of Actors, TV Presenters and Reality Darlings all come together to celebrate all things television. But aside from that it is a night where everyone, including myself spends weeks if not months prepping to walk down the red carpet (it almost feels like you are getting married, getting ready to walk down the aisle!) where you are faced with countless cameras all trying to get the best or worst shot of you. It is incredibly daunting to say the least.

It is easy to look at these people and think wow he or she is so lucky they are just blessed, look how gorgeous they are. Well, I am here to tell you that ain't the truth.. unless of course you are Megan Gale who is just a Goddess!

Here is a list of all the things I did to prepare... I cannot believe I am giving you the names of the places I go and the peeps I see but hey 'sharing is caring' I better still be able to get an appointment after this.

It all starts here... exercise...
My exercise of choice is KX Pilates. To some people's surprise I am not very tall. 163cm in fact.. (even though I may have added a few cm in the past) this is my exact height! I also have quite broad shoulders and tend to bulk up easily. The reason I am telling you all this is, KX makes me look longer and leaner. It makes me feel more balanced and the classes are always different and never boring. I go to Hampton but there are plenty around these days. @kxpilates

Food.... After being in the Jungle for 45 days the last thing I wanted to deprive myself of was food, and yummy food at that but I have reigned it in a little. I tried to steer clear of processed foods and drink more water. This was not easy over the Easter long weekend thankyou very much. And ok maybe Lisa Curry and I did have one too many 'champers' last night!! Oh well you only live once.

Hair... quite seriously I had not had a cut and colour for almost three months... for me this is an eternity because the hair salon I have been going to for the last 12 years Wieselmann in Toorak sorts me out every month!!. Di colours my hair (just think of 'dying')  and Dee for my cut. @wieselmann

Skin... I have been going to Missie CoCo in Prahran for a few years now and my skin has never and I mean never been so good. Thanks to the gorg Sandra (if I do say so myself!) I had no makeup in the jungle which was so insanely daunting and I have never had so many compliments about my skin. I have been using Ultraceuticals since then and having treatments that compliment. So before the Logies I had a fab top up of Derma Frac and LED @missiecoco Glow Glow baby.

Eyebrows... You know you have to get your eyebrows done the same place that Margot Robbie does when she is in town and it is Carmen The Eyebrow Queen. No body is better, I have been seeing her for mmm I don't know at least five years.. I wish I knew she existed in the 90's when my skinny McDonalds eyebrows where everywhere! @theeyebrowqueenau

Tan... Everyone knows I love a tan and I cannot stop raving about Candy Tan... It is 100% organic so you don't feel the need to worry how many times you get one. It is also great for pregnant ladies... don't worry I am NOT, I repeat NOT pregnant. It is just all the chocolate I ate from Easter. Plus it is the best colour. It never goes blotchy or orange and now they have a 2 hour tan too. They are only in Melbourne at this stage but watch this space cause this tan is the bomb! @organiccandytan

Face hair... Yep I said face hair... I didn't even know I had face hair...(check out the pics).  Well I did and now I don't... I tried dermaplane which is a blade that removes dead skin and facial fluff. Collette did warn me I would be addicted and the feeling of my face afterwards she was right.. @theskinInstitute 

And to put it all together these two fire crackers @chantellebaker and @marieuva. They are such a great team. With a little help from one of my fav Australian designers (check out Shop My Look) and @houseofkdor they make the most exquisite pieces. I am so fortunate to be able to borrow for this event and I have to admit I have bought so many pieces and have introduced many people to the store. I can't recommend them highly enough.

So there you have it. I don't wake up looking a million bucks but I have to say, TODAY, I do feel it. But after everything I have had done, you would hope so!!!

Verity Harris