I never thought I was a mustard kind of girl...

I never thought I was a mustard kind of a girl. I mean I love the taste on a big juicy burger but the colour never did anything for me. Especially not as far as fashion was concerned.  But I cannot stop obsessing about all things ‘mustard’. Maybe If I call it 'golden’ it wouldn’t offend me so much. So, let’s just say, ‘golden hues’ are with me at the moment. I did wear a fab ‘golden’ Manning Cartel outfit last year which I think may have contributed to my new found love for ‘MUSTARD’. There, I said it out loud. WOOHOO. I LOVE MUSTARD! Quite seriously, not a day goes by when I don’t stumble on a fab outfit, an amazing eyeshadow or a fab retro lounge yep with that lovely mustard golden glow.  See below. There is something about it that makes me feel alive and puts the biggest smile on my face. I tend to wear a very monochromatic palette and my home is fairly neutral with a pop of colour here and there. Maybe I am feeling a bit more adventurous or ready to take on the world in bright bold colour.. and hey some say Verve Cliquot is!


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Verity Harris