SO my first obsession is… SISTER2sister.
A unique year long mentoring program designed to empower ‘at risk’ teenage girls to turn their troubled lives around. The aim of the SISTER2Sister program is to to break the generational cycle of suffering and to encourage these girls to make better choices for a positive future and to equip them with skills for mastering life’s challenges. This helps them focus on their core underlying issues, starting with the lack of a stable positive role model.

I feel blessed to have been surrounded by positive role models in my life both personally and professionally. But I have also known the deep feeling of pain when one of those role models is no no longer around. I can’t even begin to imagine never having one to begin with.

I have supported this charity ever since my sister and I wrote a book called Sistahood a Journal of Self Discovery for young girls encouraging them to believe in themselves wholeheartedly. Sistahood is filled with quizzes, questionnaires, activities to do, pages for you to write down your innermost thoughts and feelings to help you create your very own journal. Sharing our own wishes and dreams my sis Nicole and I  show you how to work out your strengths and weaknesses, how to believe in yourself and to love just being you! Sistahood is about discovering who you are, learning how to jump those hurdles in life, following your heart and being the best you, you can be. Not to mention some hilarious real life pics of yours truly.

You can purchase your own Sistahood book and help make a difference with 100% of profits donated to the SISTER2sister program. for more info.

Verity Harris